Wells of Living Water

ENDORSEMENT FOR: Wells of Living Water
by Dennis Lee

Within this excellent resource, Wells of Living Waters, the message of the Holy Spirit to his church to remain strongly rooted in the foundational truths inherent in God’s Word is a passionate call and well communicated by its author, Rev. Dennis Lee. In our vigorous and important drive as Christians to be relevant in order to reach the unreached, Dennis communicates the potential danger of us forgetting the wells of living water found in the essentials of our faith. He states, “What the church must do instead of trying to be culturally relevant is reopen these wells of living water that has brought life and revival to millions in the past.” I highly recommend this book—based on scriptural authority as well as on the author’s long-term experience in the discipling of God’s people—to all who seek to bring pure, living water to a thirsty world.
– Dr. Glenn Burris, Jr. Past President, The Foursquare Church
“For years now, I have been encouraged to write a book. My common response has been that I will write as soon as I can figure out the next book the world needs. I mean seriously, do we really need another book?
Pastor Dennis Lee did it. He wrote the book I wish everyone would read, especially in the Church! I mean, the chapter about hell alone is worth its weight in gold. It rocked me to my core.
Thanks Dennis, for not only challenging me but also equipping me as well. As I read Wells of Living Water, courage began to pulsate through my veins to reopen the wells that the forefathers of faith dug so long ago — I’m actually going to speak intelligently and compassionately about the judgment of God, the reality of hell, Satan, fasting and giving, doctrines I have neglected for far too long. This book is a must read!”
– Randy Greer, Pastor of Trinity Life Center, Assembly of God Church in Las Vegas
“Dear Dennis: I have been reading your book, Wells of Living Water. You have written with solid theology and with understandable terms that anyone could easily understand. You reflect the Scriptures and the intent of Christ clearly, and that is what the Gospel is all about!”
– Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, with more than 100 affiliate churches worldwide, and New Hope Christian College.
“Wells Of Living Water” is delightfully refreshing, and compelling for such a time as this!
– Kent Miyoshi, Founder and Senior Pastor of New Hope Las Vegas Christian Fellowship; and Area Pastor of Nevada, Utah, parts of Arizona)
“One by one, congregations of Christian churches today are becoming like the Laodicean church spoken of in Revelation chapter three. We are becoming lukewarm. Many of us are struggling to live out the Gospel because we have neglected the cardinal doctrines of the Scriptures. We have become like dry bones. In his new book, ‘Wells of Living Waters’, Rev. Dennis Lee outlines the foundational truths of God’s Word, and makes them meaningful to our everyday lives. Pastor Lee brings us back to the wells of Scriptural waters we need for our spiritual health. I highly recommend ‘Wells of Living Waters’. Anyone who desires a deeper relationship with God should read this book”
– Rev. Daniel J. Rhodes, Pastor, Christian Community Church
“I just finished reading your latest book, “Wells of Living Water.” As a Foursquare minister I am continually reading material to not only disciple our members with but also to help them grow deeper in their walk. As I was reading your book I couldn’t help but to feel the convicting power of the Spirit come over me, multiple times.
Thank you so much for this work. I plan on using it with both leaders and congregants.
– Matt Ramirez, Pastor, River Foursquare Church, Auburn WA
Group Review and Recommendation

“‘Wells of Living Waters’ is a well-written book that brings forth foundational truths left behind by many churches, or Satan has covered up within the church. And while it is good for individual study, it has an even bigger and long-term effect in a group setting.”

“Discussions were great. They reflected on whether we are covering these up in our own walk with God. Digging into the book and its contents happened on a weekly basis and together we made sure we are not missing what God was trying to show us.”

“One participant said, ‘I felt it was very encouraging as we read and discussed each chapter. I believe it helped the men get closer to the heart of God and to each other.’”
“I am on the second read of this book to digest the importance of following God’s word through Jesus. It is very thought provoking.”
– Arlene Waite
“I am finding this book excellent and is filled with powerful scriptures all of which are directions from the Lord for living a holy life .It has been a while since I have really heard the holiness of God preached in its purity.”
– Syl Lobato
I am thankful for the book, Wells of Living Waters, written by Pastor Dennis Lee. I began reading without a pen in hand, but soon realized that I needed a pen to mark paragraphs that I wanted to comprehend better and paragraphs I needed to revisit. I came away from this book with an increased knowledge of God and a desire for more knowledge. Thank you, Pastor Dennis, for your insight.
– Dianna Medlin
“Dennis Lee’s revelations in this book should spring pulpits into action that would spark revival. Lee’s revelation on biblical principles, and love for people have been building the individual and the Kingdom for decades. His books reach and the impact they have are immeasurable.”
– Travis Pohimeier
“One cannot read this without feeling God stirring in your heart. From the bottom of my heart I recommend reading this book. I would and do highly recommend this book to everyone for reading. Truly it is inspired by God. This book will challenge your heart and draw you closer to God enriching you understanding. Gods blessings”
– William Brent Moorhead
“Great work…A must read revelation”
– Christ Deliverance Ministry
“Nearly finished with this good read. Covers important subjects not heard in some churches for decades.”
“I hope all who see the book will read it. So fitting!”
– Virginia Rommel
“Wells of Living Waters” from author Dennis Lee is a thought-provoking book that provides insight into reestablishing the foundational truths of the Christian faith.”
It’s like living and learning in 100AD, a time when the Apostle’s teachings on Christ were given to listeners straightforwardly and unhindered by worry of offense. No subject within the sphere of Christ was deemed too controversial. Topics like holiness, repentance, the blood of Christ, judgement, and hell, were common messages discussed in the early church, all to their spiritual benefit. Dennis Lee brings these and more to the reader, who will be enlightened, strengthened, and refreshed by the Wells of Living Water, forgotten too often by some with a “modern” approach to Christianity.
– David James Henderson
I can honestly say what a blessing it has been to read Dennis Lee’s book, “Wells of Living Waters.” The chapter on Hell shook me to my core. The chapters on the Judgment of God, Holy Spirit, and the Authority of Scriptures gave me a confidence knowing who my God really is, and the power we have as believers in Christ.
I would highly recommend this book for Bible study. It was well thought out and I believe the Holy Spirit certainly lead Pastor Dennis to write it.
– Jim Mikus
“I just started reading, “Wells of Living Waters”, and from the first chapter, “In Pursuit of Holiness”, I find myself being challenged. This may be a difficult read, as I confront areas of my faith I’d be more comfortable leaving hidden.”
– John Dulleck
“I started reading “Wells of Living Waters” by Dennis Lee. Interesting enough the church I attend is Living Waters Smithfield Foursquare. I do not believe in happenstance which brought me to purchase this book. I highly recommend this to my Christian friends and Pastors. Lots of great nuggets of gold within.”
Thanks for Wells of Living Waters Pastor Dennis. It is stark and bold. I enjoyed reading it and have been blessed by it. Thanks for all your service to the Kingdom and abundance to you.
– Hilary Wehby
“In the midst of reading Dennis Lee’s book, “Wells of Living Water, so far I’m reminded of a statement from Soong-Chan Rah”: “American Christianity is no longer distinguishable in its values and norms from the excessive materialism of American society. Christianity reflects American culture more than Scripture, attracting consumers with marketing techniques and finding it difficult to transition to a deeper level of commitment to Christ or his body.” My prayer is that we would all take this to heart. We will never impact this nation for Christ, if our lives are no different than those in the world. And just to note that by default, if we’re not standing out and standing firm, it’s the world that will impact us. (Romans 12:1-2), “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” We so need to get back to the basics of God’s word that has been neglected far too long in the church as a whole.”
-Debbie Fergus